It isn’t news to most people that we have a global plastic pollution problem on our hands.  Go to many beaches and you will find them littered with single-use plastics.  It is believed that 8 million metric tons of plastic make their way into the ocean each year and by 2050, the combined weight of plastic in the ocean may outweigh the combined weight of fish.  Due to this massive problem, the promotional product industry is constantly making strides to reduce its environmental impact through innovation and ingenuity.  One new line of products that have been created to combat this problem is the OceanPoly® Bags and Mailing Envelopes.


Our new OceanPoly bags are certified to contain a minimum of 50% recycled content, 25% of which comes from marine plastics that have been upcycled.

These bags are a phenomenal alternative to conventional poly totes and mailers because by choosing the OceanPoly totes and mailers, you are actively tackling the ocean pollution problem at its source by supporting cleanup efforts and adding jobs for economically challenged locations such as Haiti, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and the Dominican Republic.

Another way to promote sustainability while promoting your company brand is by giving green promotional products that your clients and employees can grow at home or their workspace.  Recent studies have shown that many people are turning to caring for house plants or growing their food to reduce stress and improve health during the pandemic.  With more people embracing their green thumbs, now is a great time to give out branded blossom kits to promote your business! These kits allow your audience to grow and enjoy their own, herbs, vegetables, or flowers and will keep your logo in front of them for years.

Blossom Kit

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