Full Wrap Beverage Branding

NPS is one of the only print distributors offering custom-branded cans of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Beverage Options

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Craft Beer

We partner with one of the top craft breweries in CA, delivering consistent and award winning brews to all of our customers.


Blonde Ale

India Pale Ale


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We source our wines from some of the top producers throughout Napa and Sonoma Valley, as well as the central coast of CA. Turns out it’s true what they say. CA grapes just taste better. 


White Wine


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Hard Seltzer

One of the fasted growing beverage categories, our Hard Sletzers are craft through the through. Brewed locally in Santa Monica, CA each of our 3 flavors are refreshing with a clean aftertaste, and only 100 calories.


Black Cherry





Water is the elixir of life and our 3 purified and reverse osmosis produced water options are no different. Each of these are a great option for early morning events, gifts and under 21 consumers.



Citrus Sparkling


How we work together

Collaborate on Design

1. Partner with our in-house design team


2. Create your own designs using our templates

Select your beverage(s)

1. Canned Water

2. Canned Wine

3. Hard Seltzers

4 Craft Beer

We produce, fulfill, and deliver

1. Bulk Shipment to a single location.

2. Dropship to multiple locations.

3. Flexible to fit our clients needs.

Peace out plastic

Infinitely Recyclable

Nearly 70% of cans are recycled compared to ONLY 3% of plastic bottles and 34% of glass.


Recycled aluminum takes 95% less energy to produce vs. packaging made from non-recycled materials. 90 % of plastic bottles, or 22 billion, end up in landfills annually and take on average 400 years to degrade. Plastic bottles are listed as the #1 threat to our marine ecosystem.

Good for the beverage

Unlike plastic or glass, aluminum is opaque and protects against harmful UV rays. Plastic bottles may Leach harmful chemicals, impacting flavor and health. Aluminum regulates temperature better than plastic to preserve liquid integrity.

Better for shipping

Cans are easily stackable and easily packaged, yielding lower shipping charges than plastic bottles at larger columns. Aluminum is much lighter than glass and thus is more cost-effective and requires less energy to transport.

Endless use cases

Marketing Activations

Corporate Milestones

Product Launches

Company Offsites



Corporate Gifting

Sales Prospecting

Client Gifting

Trade Shows


Event Sponsorship

Company Branding

Virtual Events

Employee Appreciation

Holiday Parties



Map Key

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Craft Beer

Hard Seltzer



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*We distribute all beverages to 96% of the population

* We cannot ship alcohol to AR, DE, MS, RI, UT

Frequently asked questions

Design Lead Time

3 – 5 days depending on revision requests.

Production Lead Time

2 Weeks

Once Designs are finalized

Minimum Order Quantity

Wine: 36 Cans

Beer or Hard Seltzer: 72 Cans

Water: 96 Cans

Custom Design Fee

$150 – If designed by our in-house design team

$60 – If designed using our templates

Delivery Costs

Dependant on delivery location + Order quantity

Delivery Minimum Per Address

Beer, Hard Seltzer, or Water: 12 Cans

Wine: 8 Cans

Volume Discounting

Starting at: 264 cans per type

Let’s Get Started, Cheers!

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