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Powercrunch – Popabar

Power Crunch is a leading supplier of protein bars that relies heavily on event marketing and in-store displays to promote their products. Power Crunch’s brand ambassadors attend dozens of events across the US each year, strengthening brand awareness, educating consumers, and establishing relationships. They also host in-store demos and create chic product displays to market their products in grocery stores nationwide.


When Power Crunch was setting up to display at events or grocery stores, they were bringing a small serving table to serve samples. The problem was that this table was bulky and difficult to transport because it didn’t collapse or have wheels. Without these features, the tables Power Crunch was using made it difficult for their brand ambassadors to set up and breakdown for events.


We found the perfect solution for Power Crunch in the Popupbar, an expandable and wheeled serving station with stunning full-color graphics. This station has an aluminum frame that unfolds and snaps into place with interior shelves to hold their product samples. The simplicity of this station enables the brand ambassadors to set up and breakdown their display booths easily. Also, the Popupbar comes with a carrying case that is included which enables it to be transported with ease.


Power Crunch ordered 141 Popupbars to replace their old serving tables and pleased their brand ambassadors by making it easier for them to set up for events and breakdown after a long day of building brand awareness.

​We have been working closely with NPS for a little over a year now, and we could not be happier with the level of service that Neal and his team consistently provide. They offer several services to help make the process as efficient as possible by sourcing, warehousing and shipping our items. NPS has created a true partnership with us, and they have taken the time to understand our company and recommend products that will best represent our brand. NPS does an excellent job at sourcing quality items and delivering them by our specified delivery date.

Jennifer Breedlove


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