Case Study

Rail Delivery Services Driver Birthday Program

Rail Delivery Services is an inter-modal transportation company that provides domestic dray-age service and dedicated trucking services throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada.  RDS hires independent contractors who own and operate their own trucks to facilitate the movement of goods.


RDS greatly values their owner-operators and wanted to incentivize their drivers on their birthday months and gift them with a practical item that they could use while they were in their trucks and working.


We coordinated with RDS and ordered a year’s worth of driver incentive gifts to keep unit costs low.  We take care of the warehousing and distribution by holding the products and having them sent out to be delivered on the first of the month to all of the drivers with birthday’s happening that month. 


RDS and their truck drivers have been very pleased as a result of this birthday program.  The drivers love to be recognized for their hard work throughout the year and RDS prides themselves in having some of the lowest contractor turnover rates in the industry, thanks in part, to this driver birthday program.

At Rail Delivery Services we work with contracted Owner Operators. Most of these drivers only come into our offices once or twice a month. Because they have long term contract’s we like to recognize their birthdays. We have a birthday delivery program with Newport Printing Solutions.  Once a year we pick a new birthday gift. Newport delivers gifts to each of our owner operator’s homes. We simply update the contractor’s names, birthdays and addresses monthly and they take care of the rest. It is a fabulous and very personal program. We are so happy with this and will continue with the program for years to come.

Erin Stefflre Garcia

Vice President, Rail Delivery Service

Can’t Get Enough

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