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Safariland – Vinyl Bags, Clamshells, and Accessory Cards

Safariland is a manufacturer of tactical gear, holsters, body armor, forensics, and communications equipment for the defense and police sectors.  Since their products are retailed at police supply stores and tactical stores across the nation, they wanted to upgrade their packaging to make it more aesthetically pleasing and take up less space on shelves and in transit, thereby reducing freight.


Safariland wasn’t happy with the way their previous bag was getting delivered to their clients.  They were using a film bag and when their clients received their orders, the bags were creased and wrinkly from transit.  Plus, the film bags didn’t allow their holsters to sit in the bags properly because they could not withstand the weight and shape of the holster.  The fact that these bags were flimsy and had a zip-lock closure also made them difficult and time-consuming to fill when processing orders.


We developed a 15mil clear vinyl bag that is sleek and doesn’t take up too much wall space or shipping carton space as a corrugate box would.  We were able to print Safariland graphics on all sides of the bag that still allow you to see the product inside the bag.  We added an acetate bottom and a J-hook to the bags so the holsters could be hung on a slat wall display without pushing the bottom of the bags out and so that they can even be displayed on a counter.  We added a zipper closure for the bags that had a wider opening, so it was easier to place the products in the bag reducing fulfillment time and overall cost.


With our design of these new vinyl bags, Safariland can feel confident that their product will look good and be ready to go on display when it is delivered to their clients.  On top of that, we have saved them time and money by making the bags easier to load with the products during fulfillment.

Highly recommended!! Newport Printing Solutions does an outstanding job printing / sourcing anything and everything we send to them. They handle everything with professionalism and expertise, from small runs to full / complex, multiple-piece projects. Neal Verga and his team are business savvy and quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional work with very little revision required. NPS has become a partner in dishing out the best quality products on deadline and bring our creative concepts to life.

Shona C. Pressley

, Safariland

Can’t Get Enough

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