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Windor – Swatch Cards

WinDor is an American manufacturer and supplier of high-quality vinyl windows and doors that sells their products through window and door supply stores nationwide. 


In the past, WinDor had used metal rings with paint chips on them to show the different stock colors that are available in their windows and door accents.  The chips were good for showing the color and texture of the accents available, but they weren’t conducive to distribute to their dealers since they are heavy and don’t lay flat in boxes.


WinDor wanted to have a printed piece that could function the same as the paint chip rings and show their customers the color and texture of the vinyl accents on their windows and doors.  We created a 4.25” x 11” card that shows the two smooth Extruded Colors, as well as the color and texture of their Standard Colors and Semi-Custom Colors.  To mimic the texture that vinyl pieces are made of, we screen printed a clear textured overlay on top of the PMS matches of their accent colors.


WinDor was able to cut costs by moving over to these paint swatch cards from the paint chip rings and save some extra money when shipping the cards, as compared to the paint chip rings.  

​We have been working closely with NPS for a little over a year now, and we could not be happier with the level of service that Neal and his team consistently provide. They offer several services to help make the process as efficient as possible by sourcing, warehousing and shipping our items. NPS has created a true partnership with us, and they have taken the time to understand our company and recommend products that will best represent our brand. NPS does an excellent job at sourcing quality items and delivering them by our specified delivery date.

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