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Power Crunch is a leading supplier of protein bars that relies heavily on event marketing and in-store displays to promote their products.  Power Crunch brand ambassadors attend dozens of events across the US each year building brand awareness, educating consumers, and establishing relationships. They also host in-store demos and create chic product displays to market their products in grocery stores nationwide. 


With nearly one hundred brand ambassadors and marketing representatives located throughout the United States, supply chain management has posed a problem for Power Crunch. Power Crunch’s marketing team ran into difficulties coordinating the purchasing and distribution of display assets, apparel, and promotional products to each of their field marketing regions. Products were often late, mis shipped, or insufficient to meet the needs of each store and event.


Power Crunch contracted NPS to manage the ordering, warehousing, and distribution of their branded promotional materials. NPS offers an online ordering system called EASE to streamline this process. NPS partnered with Power Crunch to understand their promotional and logistical needs. Once this was understood and users were defined, Power Crunch was set up with their own custom ordering company site on the EASE platform. The custom site allows each field rep the ability to log on and order their desired products, while the company can monitor regional budgets with allocated allowances and specified spending limits.  Custom catalogs that tie into real-time inventory allow each representative to order and replenish needed material on demand.


Power Crunch management freed up a great deal of the time and energy that was previously spent ordering products by allowing the field reps to order their own promotional materials. The controls in place provide checks and balances throughout the supply chain, and Power Crunch no longer has the hassle of saving warehouse space and tracking shipments to their multitude of locations and events nationwide. Power Crunch has saved substantially on shipping costs by optimizing order quantities and utilizing the NPS East and West Coast warehouses.  Last of all, EASE regularly sends reports to Power Crunch that integrate with their system to help them facilitate their accounting and inventory records. With the peace of mind that the logistics are running seamlessly, NPS and Power Crunch are able to better utilize their time coming up with fresh and innovative marketing programs.

​We have been working closely with NPS for a little over a year now, and we could not be happier with the level of service that Neal and his team consistently provide. They offer several services to help make the process as efficient as possible by sourcing, warehousing and shipping our items. NPS has created a true partnership with us, and they have taken the time to understand our company and recommend products that will best represent our brand. NPS does an excellent job at sourcing quality items and delivering them by our specified delivery date.

Jennifer Breedlove

Powercrunch, Extra Space

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